Haptic Clay Therapy

Experiencing trauma is tragic. Yet it’s not the trauma that disrupts your life but how you deal with trauma. Trauma keeps you trapped. Don’t let trauma driven decisions ruin your life. Trauma is not what happened to you but how you deal with it. Clay therapy will help you become unstuck and release the trauma.

Don’t let trauma driven decisions ruin your life

Haptic Clay Therapy (HCT) is a body-based, trauma-informed intervention, grounded in neuroscience and mindfulness, which uses clay to:

  • reactivate the circuits in the brain responsible for pleasure and reward
  • create new neural pathways
  • regulate the nervous system
  • improve thinking and focus
  • promote regaining a sense of control of one’s environment and connection to the world
  • provide grounding and reignite motivation.


Perhaps better described as a “touch therapy,” HCT focuses on the hands as an alternative to talk. Haptic literally means “to touch,” and relates to any experience we have which is distinguished by touch. HCT is especially good for symptoms of chronic post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, and anxiety.

This is not “art therapy,” per se. I am not an art therapist. I am a trauma therapist working with clay in a very structured, deliberate way. This work is empowering, transformative, and fun for my clients. HCT is a therapy of becoming, honouring what the clay has been and what it is becoming, and what you have been and what you are becoming.