recovery And renewal.

So many reasons that relationships / marriages become rocky.   Betrayal, Lack of intentions or plans, out grown each other, not in love any more, expectations not being met, Not engaged or commited. Bad sexual relationship, feeling ignored  or disrespected, arguing all the time, unreliable, selfishness and so on. 

You are not defined by your relationship nor are you defined by the stories being told about you. 

Revitalize your marriage: Co-create a thriving partnership

The good news.

What ever it is you are going through and no matter how rough it gets you don’t have to go through this alone. Participating on the retreat to revitalize yor marriage or repair it will take some courage. you will need to take a closer look in the mirror and at how you see and unerstand your partner.  In todays world choices are more difficult to make and expectations are often not reality. Once we understand how each of us thinks we can then better understand how to live together in harmony.

After the retreat you will feel;

1.  Reconnected to your partner

2. Empowered within yourself

3. Inspired and motivated to continue to grow together and individually

4. Grateful and apreciative for each other

5. Confident by rebuilding your core confidence

6. Renewed commitment

7. Optimism for the future

8. Improved sexuality and intamicy

9. Prioritising your relationship

10. Create healthy boundries

11. Mutual respect

12. Increased joy and happiness