1. Why is a marriage retreat better then marriage councielling?

Our retreat offers an intensive programme that fosters shared growth. The retreat shortens the time marriage councelling substantially and has a 90 % success rate.

2. How long is the retreat?

The retreat runs for 7 days.

3.Can I do the retreat on my own?

Yes sure you can. It is better to have both of you there as this is designed to partners.Its a shared experience, but we van accomodate you if thats the case.

4. What is a clarity call?

As the retreat is specific to marriage repair and revitalizing we believe its important that we first talk to each other to understand your need and to see if we are a good fit for you both. It is very imortant that you both get the full experience.


5. Will someone pick us up at the airport?

Yes we will arrange a pick up at the airport and bring you to the resort.

6.Can the resort accomodate my eating preferances?

Yes we can offer Vegan and Vegaterian as well as meat and fish. During the clarity call we will discuss your food needs. This question is also on the form we send you.

7. Will there be time to do some exploring?

Yes there will be some time to go exploring.

8.What is the accomodation like?

We do our best to maintain a high standard. your ability to rest and get a good nights sleep is just as important. A large double bed with a bathroom en suite. A room with a view.


9. Does the retreat deal with issues like my partner has been unfaithful, angry or abusive?

Yes, these are issues we definately deal with. We deal with this together and in a non judgemental way.

10. We are already seperated and are filing for divorce, can you help us to get back together again?

If you are both willing to work together we can definately help you heal the past and look forward to a bright future together.


11. How many couples attend?

Our capacity is 10 couples. When we reach that amount we close the retreat. Don't worry we will keep you informed with future retreat dates.

12. Are your retreats always in Bali?

No we organise retreats in Belgium and Spain.

13. At what age can I attend?

You can attend the retreats on condition you are married or in a long term relationship. There is no age limit.

14. What is not included in the package?

We do not include, Airfare, Cost of visas, Medical insurance, extra activities, transport that is not part of the program, eating out in local restaurants, Alcohol of any sort.