Treatment Specialties

Depression and Anxiety

I guess you sometime feel like you are fighting on your own. No-one knows what you are going through and even if they did notice they don’t help. It seems like the world is closing in on you. There is life after depression.

Parenting and Child Behaviour

Are you walking on the ceiling? Children driving you nuts? Organise yourself and the lives of your children. You can bring balance to your family’s life by understanding a few principals. Children are meant to be chaotic and funny and wonderful, even those with ADD.


So many reasons that divorce happens. Truthfully there is really only one reason and that is someone becomes very selfish. Divorce hits you like the titanic hit the iceberg. Life gets turned upside down and inside out. There is a silver lining though and its just a matter of finding the silver lining.


Taking a position is not a good strategy in marriage. Positions require a defence. When you find yourself attacking or defending positions your marriage is not over and can recover. It's just a matter of understanding how. Fake wisdom will stop feelings of being in love.

Haptic Clay Therapy

Experiencing trauma is tragic. Yet it’s not the trauma that disrupts your life but how you deal with trauma. Trauma keeps you trapped. Don’t let trauma driven decisions ruin your life. Trauma is not what happened to you but how you deal with it. Clay therapy will help you become unstuck and release the trauma.