The popularity of retreats has grown over the years. There are many different types of retreats. Watershed retreats are specific subject retreats. One of our special retreats is “After a heartbreak and divorce retreat”. This is not a how to date retreat but a recovery retreat dealing with the issues and rebuilding of your confidence and future relationships. The subjects are all related to overcoming important issues.

“Understanding marriage and how to have fun with it.”

“Trauma recovery with clay.”

These retreats are intensive and fun. The retreat is designed with activities and rest and relax time. The retreat offers big benefits for physical, emotional and psychological removal from the toxic noise and stress plus the daily information overload. When the issue is too big to handle on your own a retreat is what you need. Being part of a group of people who are on the retreat for the same reason you are. They too need a safe haven in which to recover from trauma and heal on all levels. Here you can gain a sense of calm, sanity, perspective and self-awareness.

Whilst the place is important its more about the energy and enthusiasm generated during the retreat. Our retreats are part intensive learning curves and part relaxation. The daily activities are all organized and taken care of. In fact, the retreat can save you months of therapy and you get hours of information and time to talk and relate to the therapists. We use clay as a medium and at first you don’t make anything. Later you might make something that you will use as an anchor.

Watershed retreats offer True honesty, me time, group time, creative time, joy and clarity. The retreat is refreshing, rejuvenating, re-energizing, re-empowering and rewarding. You will find deep relaxation and peace as well as solutions to issues you are experiencing. A Retreat can be a wonderful experience, a booster and an accelerator. Much can be realized in a short time in shifting perception and re-establishing what really matters.