Personal therapy

Personalised therapy can mean different things to different people. In fact, it is a process between two people, the therapist and the seeker of therapy. Some of the purpose of therapy is to seek goals and understanding that inspire change and improve the quality of life and life style. Just the fact that someone is listening to you and not judging you is a benefit already. Generally, people seek out therapy with life’s problems that are overwhelming or hard to handle alone. It is my belief that when you discover the logic of what you need to be doing instead of what you are doing you will begin the path to recovery and change. Counsellors, therapists and psychotherapists have the same desire and that is to help you find your path, your truth and your way to mental health and happiness.

People in therapy learn new skills and methods of handling issues and overcome barriers and hurdles that have become obstacles to a happy life style. As this is done in my office I try and create a safe space where you can feel comfortable and safe. As we will be talking about your deepest wants and needs in search of a solution, everything we speak about is very confidential. Knowing this you will start to rebuild your core self confidence and sense of wellbeing. Not only do we find a solution but we can continue and develop a healthy program for self-growth towards success beyond the issue into the future.

Sometimes in therapy we discover underlying things that were not thought about before. Traumas that were never resolved. Therapy can help you find peace, compassion, understanding, develop strong positive feeling, better understanding of emotions, make clearer healthy decisions, and set you on a path to reaching your personal goals. Lots of people enjoy the journey of therapy by becoming more self-aware.