Online therapy

With the pandemic beginning to disappear or return, the ability to get help online is becoming more relevant. Corona Virus has shown that lockdown is not a good thing. It has been my experience that more and more people prefer to be in their own homes when conducting therapy.

I started doing home visits many years ago and this has moved on to online sessions. There are a few disadvantages to online therapy for the therapist. The first one is, sometimes the WIFI signal goes missing in action. Or the sound disappears. The second disadvantage is I can’t see your body language properly or your eyes and subtle facial expressions. The third disadvantage is anyone can walk in on you during the session. Out side of that the benefits far out way the disadvantages.

Online means anywhere. A good set of headphones and a strong signal and we are in business. If you are restricted for time or the appointment times fit in between your busy schedule and gym you just come on line. You pick the place you want to be where you can relax and talk. This can be at home or at your office. Being at home the surroundings are familiar, comfortable and safe. The greatest advantage is you can be any in the world and we can still have conversations that will make you think and understand what is happening to you and what you can do about it.

With a little practice we will get the camera in the right place and over come the body language problem. If we lose the signal we can reschedule for a later time. Online therapy has a lot of flexibility and like a phone call tends to center your focus on the discussion. You need never to feel like you have to face life issues alone. I am just a zoom call away.