Group therapy

Group therapy is different from personal therapy. The dynamics of group therapy is similar to a family. Parents and siblings. The therapist is the parent and the group, siblings. This has many advantages. Group therapy normally focuses on a particular subject like divorce or depression and so on. The people in the group will be at different stages of therapy and development. One of the goals is to bring people who share similar issues together so that they can share similar experiences and realize they are not alone.

As a therapist I instill hope and understanding by acknowledging in a non-judgmental way the issues each are struggling with  as they progress towards their goals. Members in the group help each other and support each other to improve their progress. With constructive feedback and self-observation people become more self-aware of their strengths and limitations of their behavior. They learn new skills and communication styles that start to work for them. Opportunities to experiment with what they say will present itself.

The group will bond and open up a lot more to each other and change their way of thinking and behaving as they get immediate response to what they are saying and feeling. By sharing their thoughts and feelings with the group they can release pent up emotions and traumas. Group therapy creates a safe space and time for people to explore and delve deeper into uncomfortable issues. During the group session member will develop a strong sense of self reliance and understand that they are in control of their behavior, decisions, actions, choices and things they say.