Personal Therapy

Personalised therapy can mean different things to different people. In fact, it is a process between two people, the therapist and the seeker of therapy. Some of the purpose of therapy is to seek goals and understanding that inspire change and improve the quality of life and life style.

Group Therapy

Group therapy is different from personal therapy. The dynamics of group therapy is similar to a family. Parents and siblings. The therapist is the parent and the group, siblings. This has many advantages. Group therapy normally focuses on a particular subject like divorce or depression and so on.


The popularity of retreats has grown over the years. There are many different types of retreats. Watershed retreats are specific subject retreats. One of our special retreats is “After a heartbreak and divorce retreat”. This is not a how to date retreat but a recovery retreat dealing with the issues and rebuilding of your confidence and future relationships.

The benefits of online therapy and coaching

With the pandemic beginning to disappear or return the ability to get help online is becoming more relevant. Corona Virus has shown that lockdown is not a good thing. It has been my experience that more and more people prefer to be in their own homes when conducting therapy.

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