Personal Therapy

During the retreat, time is made for you to have private sessions with Michael (our psychologist) in a safe and secluded area where confidentiality is assured.. These sessions can be intense so bring a small note book. 

Group Therapy

As a group we discuss the subject of divorce, its consequence, emotions and possible solutions. These sessions are conducted under the guidance of Michael our psychologist. 

During some of these group sessions we will also use clay as a medium of expression of a particular emotion or thought. These sessions are very interesting as often issues not thought of come up. 


We choose our retreat houses for their service and surroundings. Beauty and serenity are part of the criteria. Situated in wonderful places in Spain and Bali and when possible in other amazing places. Rooms come with comfortable sleeping arrangements like huge beds or well appointed rooms for folks that want to share accomodation. Fresh and delicious food prepared by the resident chef catering for most needs. often herbs and vegetables come from the garden or local farms. Wifi everywhere in the house to keep in touch with the outside world. A swiming pool, great views and everything you need to relax and enjoy you stay.

The benefits of online therapy and coaching

With the pandemic beginning to disappear or return the ability to get help online is becoming more relevant. Corona Virus has shown that lockdown is not a good thing. It has been my experience that more and more people prefer to be in their own homes when conducting therapy.

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