Rekindle and Reconnect

Our retreats Guide Couples to rekindle, Reconnect, and Rediscover the strenth of their love.

In my youth, I hastily entered a marriage for the wrong reasons. After 8 years, the relationship crumbled and despite seeking help from marriage counselors, the situation worsened, leading to a very painful divorce that also effected my children. It took me five years to recover.

A chance encounter introduced me to the love of my life, and together, we moved to the Crimea, where I continued practicing psychology focused on Marriage therapy and divorce recovery therapy. Inspired by my wifes expertise in ceramics, we discovered the amazing therapeutic power of clay.

Organizing retreats for couples and divorced people in this picturesque region brought remarkable results. Amidst battling cancer in 2020, the clarity that comes with facing mortality prompted profound reflections.

 Grateful for recovering from cancer, I resolved to dedicate the remainder of my life to preventing the anguish or marital collapse, divorce or break up. Recognizing the transformative potential of Solution orientated coaching in combination with therapy, I am committed to making a difference. If I can save your relationship, my journey holds purpose.

Unlike traditional marriage counsling , which may span months, our intensive program condenses the process into one week, with a staggering 90% of couples experiencing positive outcomes. 

Beyond educational sessions, we intergrate group therapy, diverse clay activities (this is not art therapy), yoga, meditation and massage, mouth watering healthy meals, rest and nurturing. This comprehensive approach accelerates the journey towards healing and renewal.