Revive and Thrive

Post divorce recovery therapy

Revive and thrive

Embrace your brighter future after a heartbreak or divorce.

We recognize that each person’s spiritual and recovery journey is unique. Our retreat incorporates a gentle and inclusive approach to spirituality, allowing you to explore and deepen your connection to something greater than yourself. Whether you find solace in nature, meditation, mindfulness, or a specific belief system our range of activities ensures that you will find a spiritual component that resonates with you.

Michael Touyz (MA Psy. MCC) uses as the main core therapy, Cognitive Behavioral therapy and Haptic therapy using clay. Michael’s 35 years of experience as a psychologist and coach is brought to bear using proven mainstream methods as part of the intensive treatment plan. Building your core confidence, maintaining your boundaries and letting go yesterday’s bad and going for tomorrows great.

Often divorce or a breakup happens leaving us feeling disconnected from ourselves. Some of the common issues that we feel after a divorce, even amicable divorce can be feelings of being overwhelmed. Feelings of rejection, anxiety and depression. Our stress levels seem to go through the roof and often we see something that triggers a sense of sadness even tears when we least expect it. The retreat deals with this and a whole lot more. There are yoga sessions daily and meditation designed around your healing process. All of our retreats are in beautiful, safe and peaceful surroundings.

Michael has personally gone through a divorce that complicated and changed his life. After years of helping people recover from a breakup or divorce he saw first hand the effects of the pain a loss like this has. During the pandemic the divorce and breakup rate intensified and more and more people were asking for help on line. it was at this time that he decided to create intense retreats where groups of people could come together and support each other during their divorce recovey. His 35 years of experience and the experience of his team (All of whom have experienced divorce) helped people identify and resolve issues that they were facing. 

He has retreats in Bali, Spain and South Africa. Choose the place and date that best suits you and come and discover yourself again.