Stay as you are or change the way you feel...

That watershed moment is yours

Do the things you should do instead of the things you do.

Hi, I am Michael

Having spent more than thirty years helping people help themselves has been an exciting journey. Here's something I learnt, people are amazing and when they have this watershed moment everything changes.

Helping them get there is my coffee. Often the solution is found in a place least expected. Today we understand more about the causes of issues and I encourage my clients to go beyond "its OK to feel and think as you do".

This is done in a safe space, a supportive space and an empathetic space. You will enter the present with enthusiasm and go forward building your past so that it will support you in the future, your future. Expectations are fine tuned and become your sustainable reality.


Go beyond Depression & Anxiety

I guess you sometime feel like you are fighting on your own. No-one knows what you are going through and even if they did notice they don’t help. It seems like the world is closing in on you. There is life after depression.

Parenting & Child Behaviour

Are you walking on the ceiling? Children driving you nuts? Organise yourself and the lives of your children. You can bring balance to your family’s life by understanding a few principals. Children are meant to be chaotic and funny and wonderful, even those with ADD.

Divorce is a major earthquake with tsunamis included

So many reasons that divorce happens. Truthfully there is really only one reason and that is someone becomes very selfish. Divorce hits you like the titanic hit the iceberg. Life gets turned upside down and inside out. There is a silver lining though and it's just a matter of finding the silver lining.

Marriage is a career

Taking a position is not a good strategy in marriage. Positions require a defence. When you find yourself attacking or defending positions your marriage is not over and can recover. It's just a matter of understanding how. Fake wisdom will stop feelings of being in love.


Therapy Services

Online Therapy

Whether you are at home, at work, or simply too busy to commute to the therapy office,
you can get the help and care you deserve through online therapy.

Personal Therapy

Personal therapy can help you develop a stronger sense of self, improve communication skills and find ways to restore your inner peace. Whether you are looking for support with depression, anxiety, relationship issues or other troubling thoughts or feelings, I can work with you to create your new self.


Life is a very busy way of living. Sometimes we get stuck in a rut or neglect the important things. Our retreats are designed to compact months of therapy into a short space of time. Intensive therapy with time to relax and absorb things will get you back on track quickly and safely. Virtual retreats or at amazing locations will be posted here.

Group Therapy

Group coaching is a great way to work together in a safe environment. When we focus not only on ourselves, we are able to make changes that will impact our lives positively. Group sessions change behaviours and thinking patterns while building new skills in coping with challenges.

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